Jesus M. Santana

Artist of many mediums.

Coming from a military family, Jesus was raised moving around the world. Living in contrasting societies such as that of Hanau, Germany to Daegu, South Korea or to Killeen, Texas — to name a few — inspired Jesus to appreciate the similarities humans share rather than judge others based on differences. 


Naturally artistic, Jesus took pride in his craft from a young age. Growing up, studio art was his strength, but his upbringing led him to become passionate about spreading inclusive messages with aims to further develop more equal societies around the world. 


Jesus studied media production as a medium by which to help spread insightful messages with the use of visuals. He also explored varying artistic methods, ranging from sculpting to computer art. Now, Jesus is a rising producer who prioritizes inclusion, teamwork, and production value above all else. A detail-oriented visionary going on five years of videography and editing experience, lifetime as an artist.


To this day, he continues to explore artistic methods still foreign to him, such as music production and installations, all with the same purpose.